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18 Oct 2013

Carol and Andrew Hebden

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Our Pets


Sheba (Mojogato Bathsheba)

Sheba is the old lady of our household - she was born in 2005. She retired as a breeding queen, and went to live as a family pet. Due to a change in circumstances she came back to us when she was 8 years old, and is now one of our pets.

The things she likes most are food and people, and the thing she likes least is other cats. So she has to go out in the garden when the other cats are inside, and it is a struggle to keep her weight down.


Ivan (Medoz Ivan)

Ivan was also born in 2005, but didn't come to Eriador until 2008. He gave us some beautiful kittens when he was our stud, but he is now retired and our family pet.

He is a big cuddly teddy bear of a boy, though timid with people he doesn't know.

He follows me round the garden in the mornings, weaving in and out of my legs, to make me to stop and give him a cuddle.


Summer (Dazzledots Summers Bounty)

Summer is one of our retired Bengal queens - born in 2007. She is a beautiful girl with a lovely soft silky coat, and she is always wanting a cuddle and a fuss.

She and Ivan adore one another, and spend most of the day with one another, or sleeping together. It is so lovely to watch them enjoying life and watch them walking round the garden side by side, like an old married couple.


Lotty (CH Eriador Quilotoa)

Lotty was born in 2007. She is bright as a button and always full of energy.

She has her daily routine of going out in the garden first thing in the morning, and then again after her mid-day snooze. In the evenings she curls up on my or Andrews lap, only waking up when there is an interesting animal on the TV. At night she often curls up on the bed - usually at Andrews feet.


Thistle (Kiabindhi Thistle)

Thistle is a sweet natured girl who is rather shy of strangers, but is totally in love with Sahara.

Wherever Sahara is, Thistle will be nearby, either watching from a distance, or pouncing on him as he comes round a corner.


Sahara (CH Towanreef Sahara)

When Sahara was first neutered we were thinking of rehoming him. But he is such a loving and cuddly boy that I just can't bear to part with him. So he is staying with us, and enjoying exploring the garden, stalking the chickens and playing with Thistle.