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18 Oct 2013

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Eriador Bengals

Below is a list of all the 'active' Bengals we have owned and bred. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Their pedigrees are set up on, and you can access them by clicking on the cats registration number on the left of their name.

Some of our cats were dual registered, and their alternate registration number is shown against their name.

Registration Number


Alternate Registration

00S010106042 Gucci from TheShire (ALC)
00S010106041 Tia from TheShire (ALC)
SBT100205047 Abundadots Temptress
SBT030507046 Adsetsh Elwing
A1S100711041 AWildDream Oracle (F1)
SBT052706029 Bitzaglitz BlueHaze CSREF666786
SBT031108019 Casvegas PureblissMytic
SBT013006005 Dazzledots Leading Lady
SBT071307032 Dazzledots Summers Bounty
SBT041110005 Eriador Akebono
SBT101909010 Eriador Allanon
SBT042611002 Eriador Always
SBT081508001 Eriador Anastasia
SBT052311--- Eriador AnnieOakley
SBT041110002 Eriador Armira
SBT041110007 Eriador Astapenko
SBT090808002 Eriador Astra
SBT052311001 Eriador BelleStarr
SBT032309008 Eriador Beta
SBT092507003 Eriador Bombur
SBT050507008 Eriador Bomchikawawah
SBT062713--- Eriador Burra
SBT090508003 Eriador Ceinwyn
CSSR686036 Eriador Chablis
SBT090111002 Eriador Chacana
CSSR686037 Eriador Champagne
SBT071207007 Eriador Cherokee CSREF692226
SBT092610006 Eriador Chobe
SBT052206009 Eriador Cochineal CSSR652145
SBT090808003 Eriador Constellation
SBT090111004 Eriador Corazon
SBT061607007 Eriador Deluge CSREF686030
SBT042611003 Eriador Desire
SBT102207002 Eriador Dune CS700319
SBT032309009 Eriador Epsilon
SBT022809009 Eriador Esmerelda
SBT013009005 Eriador Espionage
SBT032309010 Eriador Eta
SBT022809014 Eriador Euphoria
SBT041012013 Eriador Flamingo
CSSR658948 Eriador Furrari
SBT092507006 Eriador Galadriel
SBT042611004 Eriador Grace
SBT102207004 Eriador Hatha CS700321
SBT062713--- Eriador Hildasay
SBT080111003 Eriador HitsTheSpot
SBT063008006 Eriador Invar
SBT062212005 Eriador Islay
SBT091605005 Eriador Jonathon Nico CSSR633735
SBT092610--- Eriador Linyanti
SBT022809010 Eriador Malachite
SBT042611006 Eriador Mercy
SBT091710004 Eriador Miramar
SBT092407031 Eriador Misix CS697244
SBT032008019 Eriador Mistral
SBT111106001 Eriador Moneypenny CSSR669403
SBT061607009 Eriador Monsoon CSREF686032
SBT062713--- Eriador Mousa
SBT040810003 Eriador Nijinsky
SBT080208010 Eriador Octopussy
SBT080111009 Eriador OnTarget
SBT100311002 Eriador Orpheus
SBT062006011 Eriador Pantera CSSR658946
SBT071207009 Eriador Pawnee CSREF692229
SBT032011009 Eriador Plume
SBT082509005 Eriador Quilotoa
SBT022809012 Eriador Ridcully
SBT041012015 Eriador Riviera
SBT110910021 Eriador Septyni
SBT110910019 Eriador Sewe
SBT071207010 Eriador Sioux CSREF692230
SBT060610008 Eriador Solace
SBT052311032 Eriador SundanceKid
SBT102207006 Eriador Tangle
SBT062212009 Eriador Taransay
SBT061607010 Eriador Tempest CSREF686033
SBT032011008 Eriador Tephra
SBT040113--- Eriador The Joker
SBT080208009 Eriador Thunderball
SBT091710001 Eriador Topgun
SBT041210005 Eriador Trianna
SBT022809015 Eriador Utopia
SBT052206010 Eriador Vanilla CSSR652144
SBT091710002 Eriador Viper
SBT051309007 Eriador Willow
SBT062510001 Eriador Windshear
SBT082509002 Eriador Xianjindao
SBT032008020 Eriador Zephyrus CSREF729118
CS638903 Finegold Mei Secret
SBT081902034 Glitterglam Arwen CSSR541437
SBT100503043 Glitterglam Evenstar CSEXP570049
CSSR634322 Glitterglam Goldberry SBT073105051
CSSR598576 Glitterglam Swansong SBT072004066
SBT032612037 GSBBengals Silver Rose
SBT032112043 Junglefire Aragorn
SBT051411034 Kiabindhi Thistle
SBT022207004 Kushiel Snowrose Saphira
SBT081205052 Medoz Ivan
SBT021405012 Mojogato Bathsheba CSSR642525
SBT060107088 Outlaws Love Me KVL-01-007400/2007-w
SBT011808013 Purebliss Alpha
SBT042308030 Purebliss Calamity
SBT041411006 Purebliss Hotpants
SBT072707019 Purebliss Illusion
SBT102606018 Purebliss Moonlight
SBT042509038 Purebliss Olga B
SBT061808011 Purebliss Poledancer
SBT042008003 Purebliss Troubadour
SBT121107002 Purebliss Valour
SBT060706046 RoyalBG Blue Knight
SBT062306016 Silverglam BlueSky
SBT081009051 Slavess Azurite CSSR754813
SBT031611033 Sparklespots RhettButler
SBT011607023 StarwindsUK Frodo
SBT101111024 Suburban Serenity
SBT040610015 TeAmoBlossom Lyonesse
SBT091007056 Tedith Blue Genes
SBT052809018 Towanreef Jetstream
SBT070912026 Towanreef Sahara
SBT070808025 Weepingwillows Bailey